I'm a researcher with over 10+ years of experience in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Engineering and Machine Learning (ML) in academia and industry.

I was a doctoral candidate in the research group headed by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Padó at Institut für Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung (IMS), Universität Stuttgart. My thesis co-advisor was Dr. Gemma Boleda at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain). I've finished my research work and I'm in the process of writing my PhD thesis.

I finished my MS by Research under the guidance of Prof. Rajeev Sangal at IIIT-Hyderabad, India. During my masters, my primary area of interest was Dialogue Systems. I specialized in developing Natural Language Interfaces to Databases (NLIDB systems), which is a sub-domain of Dialogue Systems.

My current research interests fall in the area of semantic knowledge extraction and representation. Due to this, I'm constantly working towards expanding my existing knowledge on feature extraction, data representations, prediction and classification (supervised and unsupervised) technologies.

I am experienced in efficient and scalable software development and architecting  through a combination of modern development paradigms like, agile frameworks, CI/CD tools (GIT, JIRA, Jenkins) and packaging tools (Dockers).

My areas of specialization are (but not limited to) Computational Linguistics, Distributional Semantics, Machine Learning and Database technologies: Knowledge Bases and Knowledge Graphs. Besides this, my current personal endeavour is learning Cloud Technologies (GCP, Azure); because that's the way we're going to go soon!

  • DetailsDeep Neural Networks, Sequential models (RNNs, LSTMs, Convolutional Networks) and Regression based modelling, Data Analytics and Statistical data inferencing, Knowledge extraction from structured / unstructured information sources, Distributional Semantics, Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Question-answering systems.
  • Additional interestsSupervised and semi-supervised machine learning techniques, Semantic knowledge representation,  (Semi)-Structured knowledge completion, Entity linking and grounding, Data/Text mining and developing end-to-end deep-learning NLP applications.

In my free time I'm either travelling or binge-watching sitcoms and I'm a total sucker for sci-fi classics, because lets face it - it's all comes true eventually! 😉


Machine Learning & Analytics

  • Framework: Keras, Theano, Tensorflow
  • Tools: SciKit-Learn, Numpy, NLTK, Spacy, R, Pandas
  • Visualization Tools: Matplotlib, Plotly
    Experienced in building Neural Networks and Regression based ML models from scratch in Theano and optimization of models on GPUs.

Scripting & Programming

  • Languages: Python, C, C++
  • Web Technologies: PHP, Javascript, HTML, XML, CSS
  • Packaging: Dockers
  • Versioning: Git, SVN
  • Cloud Platforms: Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure
  • CI/CD: JIRA, Jenkins
  • Collaborative tools: Slack, Confluence, BitBucket
    During my PhD I have designed a highly modular, easy-to-deploy and research-oriented code- base in Python, based on MVC software architectural pattern.


  • Knowledge Bases: Freebase, WikiData, Yago
  • Databases: NEO4J, Cosmos, MongoDB, Vrituoso, MySQL
  • Query Languages: Cypher, Gremlin, Javascript, Sparql, Sql
  • OS familiarity: Linux, Windows, MacOS
  • Languages: English (fluent), Hindi (native), German (A1)


  • Strong presentation and communication skills
  • Happy disposition in deadline based scenarios
  • High tolerance, patience and quick adaptability in unfamiliar environment and adverse situations
  • Eagerness to learn, attention to detail and methodological execution of tasks at hand

What’ve I been upto?

2020, March: Developing a product which integrates complex Software Development Life Cycle processes of organizations through Knowledge Graphs for monitoring and predictive analses
2020, Jan: Started working at Field33 GmBH as Data Scientist and ML Engineer.
2019, 09 – 12: Extended trip to India! 🙂
2019, July: Paper accepted @ RANLP, 2019
2018, Nov: Starting Internship at Amplexor as NLP Engineer
2018, Sep: ArXiv pre-print of the concluding research work on Instantiation
2018, June: Attended the 8th Lisbon Machine Learning School @ Lissabon, Portugal.
2018, May: Invited for a research talk on “Entities in Distributional Semantics” at the StatNLP group lead by Prof. Stefan Riezler in Heidelberg, Germany.
2017, Aug: Attended ACL 2017 and Poster presentation @ *SEM 2017. Vancouver, Canada.
2017, May: Paper accepted @ *SEM 2017.
2017, Mar: Reviewer for IJCAI 2017.
2017, Feb: Attended workshop on “How to become a Post-Doc”.
2017, Feb: Paper accepted for oral presentation @ EACL 2017.
2017, Jan: Reviewer for ACL 2017.
2016, Oct: Tutoring for Intro. to Statistical Machine Translation.
2016, Sep: Attended workshop on “Cultural Diversity in Teaching and Learning”.
2016, Jun: Presented PhD work @ IMS retreat at Kleinwalsertal, Austria.
2016: Jan: Reviewer for ACL 2016.
2015, Dec: on vacation!
2015, Oct: Attended workshop on “Academic Writing and Publishing Research Articles in Humanities and Social Sciences”.
2015, Oct: Tutoring for Intro. to Statistical Machine Translation.
2015, Oct: Officially enrolled as a Doctoral Candidate! 😉
2015, Sep: Oral presentation in EMNLP 2015, Lissabon.
2015, Aug: Attended ESSLLI 2015, Barcelona.
2015, Jul: Paper accepted for oral presentation @ EMNLP 2015.
2015, Jun: Presented PhD work @ IMS retreat at Kleinwalsertal, Austria.
2015, Apr: Article accepted in 3rd International ESSENCE workshop. Barcelona.
2015, Mar: Paper accepted for poster presentation @ *SEM 2015.
2015, Feb: Attended workshop on “Interaction between formal and distributional semantics”, Toulouse, France.
2014, Apr: Tutoring for Intro. to Statistical Machine Translation.
2014, April: MS Thesis presentation @ IMS retreat at Kleinwalsertal, Austria.
2014, Mar: Joined IMS, University of Stuttgart.
2014, Mar: MS thesis defense @ IIIT-Hyderabad.
2013, Dec: Paper accepted for oral presentation @ ICON 2013.
2013, Oct: MS thesis submitted.
2012, Nov: Oral presentation @ IALP 2012, Hanoi, Vietnam.
2012, Sep: Paper accepted @ IALP 2012.
2012, Jun: Project mentor for 4th Advanced NLP Summer School (IASNLP), IIIT-Hyderabad.